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Hysterically Real: ELDEN POEM by Daniel Scott Snelson PDF Paperback ...

"Snelson plays a wandering bard – misusing the system to produce the most unlikely of scrawls: small poems scattered across the game’s landscape. The book is a documentation of that performance in a prosody marked by the poetics of fandom. They are recorded here as movie captures, static images, and poetic texts, arranged in four parts spelling a newly coherent object."

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A List of Old People Who I Believe Do and Do Not Know Who Mario Is

"I’m not suggesting that Rushdie carries a picture of Mario around with him at all times, but I am suggesting he might force it into conversation in the green room of a writers’ festival, and that by the power of the novelists descriptive language, Oates would have a pretty good idea of what Mario looked like, and what his deal was. It’s possible that she might respond to a picture of Mario with “oh that’s Salman’s little friend” but I’m fairly sure she would remember the name."

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EO Utility Links - Google Docs

the etrian odyssey motherlode (skill simulators, wikis, reference tables, patches, calculators, cheats, let's plays, etc etc etc)

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