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The Value of Nothing: Capital versus Growth - American Affairs Journal

"In liberal capitalism or plutocracy, on the other hand, the oligarchs will use their power to resist development. For them, hoard­ing capital to preserve high returns and asset values is preferable to investing in growth at lower returns—if not always on an absolute basis, then at least relative to the rest of society." the last section on silicon valley is chef's kiss

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Elves in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction • Protean Magazine

'“Fairy-taken” is also a less individualistic explanation than “languishing.” This sadness and inability to work is happening to you, but not because of you. It’s not that you failed to hustle hard enough, or to take appropriate care of yourself—it’s just that there’s something very evil and arbitrary in the world, and it chose to snatch you up. And there’s no solution and no cure, unless you can trick the fairies into letting you go.'

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