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Modern Font Stacks

"System font stack CSS organized by typeface classification for every modern OS" more than sufficient for like 95% of my needs

webdev html css typography

From Python to Numpy

presents "a different approach concentrating on the migration from Python to Numpy through vectorization..." with "a lot of techniques that you don't find in books and such techniques are mostly learned through experience"

python programming math


"a Python compiler that aims to provide optimized machine code by compiling type-annotated Python code. It offers several backends, including LLVM, C, C++, and WASM, which allow it to generate code into multiple target languages simultaneously."

programming python

A card game is teaching players about the future of renewable energy

"I like the skeuomorphism of playing cards in video games because they instantly communicate aspects of chance and probability, as well as common affordances like 'drag to play' or discard. They are also able to represent heterogeneous actions. Had the game been a top-down tycoon game, things like public transportation, job training, or insulation retrofits would have been more difficult to visualize as objects you drop on a map. [...] [A]nother design problem addressed by the deck-building gameplay: instead of choosing an action and then choosing where to apply it, the action is already chosen for you, so your choice is about where and not what."

games gamedesign climate rhetoric

Chorus: The Modern Media Stack

"I was happy to see that on its way out the door the editorial folks managed to write and publish an 'oral history' of Buzzfeed News. I guess I had been out of the game just long enough to be surprised, and a little hurt, when I realized the story was being told entirely from the editorial perspective. It's a perspective I value, but I can't help but feel a little bit sad that a product came and went... and I still have no idea who was involved in making that, what difficulties they had, what successes they celebrated."

software media history

What Humanities Scholars Want Students To Know About the Internet: Alternative Paths for Alternative Endpoints | Computing Ed Research - Guzdial's Take

"Computer science sequences don’t usually start with databases, HTML, and building web pages from database queries, but that’s what my humanities scholars advisors wanted. [...] We’re showing that we can start from a different place, and introduce 'advanced' ideas even in the first class. Computing education isn’t a sequence — it’s a network."

programming pedagogy

Artificial Intelligence - The Authors Guild

"We need to ensure that human creators are compensated, not just for the sake of the creators, but so our books and arts continue to reflect both our real and imagined experiences, open our minds, teach us new ways of thinking, and move us forward as a society, rather than rehash old ideas."

ai generative text policy labor

cohost! - "social alienation in We're All Going To The World's Fair"

"we go to the cinema to suspend our disbelief and imagine a fantastical world. it's the same drive that the protagonist feels. we want to believe that she is experiencing the supernatural, we want the tension to explode into something we can point to as the Monster, the Villain, the Dark Force. but it refuses to give us that, because reality doesn't give us that."

movies internet culture