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What Liberal Arts Education Is For – Teaching –

"Much of what I know about problem-solving, creativity, how to handle frustration, how to be skeptical of my own hubris, how complex systems behave, how human relationships work, how to communicate, how to help, how to puzzle things out, how to be tenacious, how to be kind — I could go on — I learned from writing software. Programming helped prepare me to be a parent, a spouse, a musician, a teacher, a citizen, a human."

programming pedagogy academia

The Deaths of Effective Altruism | WIRED

"What EA pushes is expected value as a life hack for morality. Want to make the world better? GiveWell has done the calculations on how to rescue poor humans. A few clicks and you’re done: Move fast and save people."

politics philosophy philanthropy

Pankaj Mishra · The Shoah after Gaza

"Technology and the rational division of labour had enabled ordinary people to contribute to acts of mass extermination with a clear conscience, even with frissons of virtue, and preventive efforts against such impersonal and available modes of killing required more than vigilance against antisemitism."

politics history

Doing their hype for them • Buttondown

"The central claim of the tech companies selling LLMs is that any work that people do that results in text artifacts is just "text in-text out" and can therefore be replaced by their synthetic text-extruding machines. The best response to that claim is not "oh no, we can't keep up" but to take pride in one's work... and push back"

ai text poetics

Projekt Weberknecht

"Instead of the shafts of a conventional loom the Weberknecht-loom has a pattern device that is equipped with pattern discs. These discs have small raised rings on their surface, the warp lifters, which will lift up the warps threads when in working position. Otherwise the thread remains lowered on the larger centre ring." extremely cool idea, free 3d models and instructions, i wanna make one this summer

weaving fabrication

How to Escape From the Iron Age? | LOW←TECH MAGAZINE

"We need much more steel if we replace thermal power plants with renewable ones. Because there is not enough steel scrap available, we can only produce that extra steel from iron ore in blast furnaces burning fossil fuels. To address climate change, we need to build low-carbon sources quickly and in great numbers. However, to achieve circular material flows and build low-carbon power sources from scrap and renewable electricity, we would have to do the opposite: slow down the development of a low-carbon power grid."

materials climatechange

Jakob Nielsen’s Bad Ideas about Accessibility – Brian DeConinck

"In other words, some users get the full experience, the one with all the words, all the context, and all the options. But if Nielsen’s AI thinks you have a disability, you’ll get a different experience, a simpler experience that’s more appropriate for people like you. It’s an ugly kind of paternalism with a new AI twist."

accessibility ux interface ai

Poetix – Post Position

Nick Montfort's poetics: "Writing very small-scale computational poems allows me to learn more about computing and its intersection with language and poetry. Not computing in the abstract, but computing as embodied in particular platforms, which are intentionally designed and have platform imaginaries and communities of use and practice surrounding them."

poetics poetry text language computation

A Body That’s All Surface

"Participating in their strange bureaucracies is a major concession of our time that we could use for our animal purposes, to observe and make sense of the world, and to describe OUR visions. I propose that we stop playing along. I am imagining a type of degrowth, a disassembly of dominant structures, a refusal."