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Patricia Lockwood · Diary: When I Met the Pope

"The raw now is where your elbows live, and your bruises, and your socks slipping down your ankles. It is what cannot be recovered later; the strap of your bag that has flopped over your grave Italian seat mate’s programme; the fear that you have left the sound on your phone on; a text from Hope: ‘You’re about to meet the pope!’ It is the point, probably, of the hair shirt and the cilice that we saw in the Capuchin crypt. Your awkwardness, the edge of confusion, irritation, pain, incomprehension on the pope’s face as you approach him, your hand circling your tummy, clashes of bodies, like beads against one another, which will be worn smooth over time."

religion culture essays

An Interview with Kimberly Alidio, Author of Teeter – Nightboat Books

"Working with or against writing systems and what other poets and artists have done with them, we learn something vital about language as it relates to identity that isn’t taught in critical ethnic studies classes or by community elders or culture workers. Or in an MFA poetry workshop, for that matter. And what poets know about language and identity that people whose institutional job or mission it is to know about language and identity do not know is in the poet’s work, in the poems. "

poetry poetics language writing

We’re Alive, Pablo Is Dead - Momus

"Picasso is the twentieth century’s great Mr. Potato Head, constantly being taken apart and reassembled with his nose in his eyehole and his mouth upside down, because he made himself a plastic body of work and celebrity and left it unattended when he died."

art criticism

Community servers - Monoskop

tremendous resource from monoskop: wiki page dedicated to "interdependent, feminist, trans*feminist, free/libre, self-hosted, autonomous, collective, community and art servers"

infrastructure software community pubnix

Ask Disabled People What They Want. It’s Not Always Technology.

"Technoableism is a particular type of ableism, one that is highly visible in media and entertainment and omnipresent in the ways most people casually talk about technologies aimed at disability.... Technoableism is a belief in the power of technology that considers the elimination of disability a good thing, something we should strive for. It’s a classic form of ableism: bias against disabled people, bias in favor of nondisabled ways of life. Technoableism is the use of technologies to reassert those biases, often under the guise of empowerment."

disability technology politics

Modern Font Stacks

"System font stack CSS organized by typeface classification for every modern OS" more than sufficient for like 95% of my needs

webdev html css typography

From Python to Numpy

presents "a different approach concentrating on the migration from Python to Numpy through vectorization..." with "a lot of techniques that you don't find in books and such techniques are mostly learned through experience"

python programming math


"a Python compiler that aims to provide optimized machine code by compiling type-annotated Python code. It offers several backends, including LLVM, C, C++, and WASM, which allow it to generate code into multiple target languages simultaneously."

programming python