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Fast Crimes at Lambda School

"I think Austen could have found success starting an MLM back in Utah, a state run rampant with get-rich-quick schemes. His mistake was going after education in California, a state ready to deal with for-profit schools. He wasn't ready for the law."

education technology culture

On the Grid - by Michele Banks - Artologica

"So maybe writing about art is, as Krauss wrote of the grid, a way of covering the space between what we can know (the scientific) and what we can only feel (the spiritual). There’s probably no way to make these things join up seamlessly, so we place a lattice of words on top to cover the messy bits or the blank spots."

art aesthetics writing poetics

The Encyclopedia Project, or How to Know in the Age of AI - Public Books

"[W]hat is currently sold to us as “Artificial Intelligence”... is neither intelligent nor entirely artificial, yet it’s pumping the internet with automated content more quickly than you can fire an editorial office. No system predicated on these assumptions can hope to discern “misinformation” from “information”: both are reduced to equally weighted packets of content, merely seeking an optimization function in a free marketplace of ideas. And both are equally ingested into a great statistical machinery, which weighs only our inability to discern."

epistemology ai text language internet culture

How Q Became Everything – Mother Jones

"... debates over gender binaries are also material claims... not just cultural ones. [...] “They’re not shitting you when they say the world would come to an end, because their world would come to an end,” Moreton said."

politics gender culture

How to help someone use a computer

"Whenever they start to blame themselves, respond by blaming the computer. Then keep on blaming the computer, no matter how many times it takes, in a calm, authoritative tone of voice. If you need to show off, show off your ability to criticize bad design. When they get nailed by a false assumption about the computer's behavior, tell them their assumption was reasonable. Tell *yourself* that it was reasonable."

computers pedagogy

Another RPG Engine by Another RPG Enthusiast

"An engine for creating role-playing games using Twine's SugarCube language. Features a complex battle system that can be modified and integrated into your Twine stories."

games rpgs programming twine interactivefiction

What Liberal Arts Education Is For – Teaching –

"Much of what I know about problem-solving, creativity, how to handle frustration, how to be skeptical of my own hubris, how complex systems behave, how human relationships work, how to communicate, how to help, how to puzzle things out, how to be tenacious, how to be kind — I could go on — I learned from writing software. Programming helped prepare me to be a parent, a spouse, a musician, a teacher, a citizen, a human."

programming pedagogy academia

The Deaths of Effective Altruism | WIRED

"What EA pushes is expected value as a life hack for morality. Want to make the world better? GiveWell has done the calculations on how to rescue poor humans. A few clicks and you’re done: Move fast and save people."

politics philosophy philanthropy