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About Bunny Fonts | Faster & GDPR friendly Fonts

"an open-source, privacy-first web font platform designed to put privacy back into the internet" with "a zero-tracking and no-logging policy" though it makes me nervous that there is no like... explanation of why they're doing this, and how they're paying for it, and how long it will last!

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"Karrik is an open source typeface designed by Jean-Baptiste Morizot and Lucas Le Bihan. This font was originally commissioned by ‘Cercle’ magazine for their 2020 issue—dedicated to the topic of ghosts. The design started in March 2019 and ended in October of the same year. [...] Karrik is rooted in vernacular typography. The weight disadjustments, the lack of optical corrections, the uneven width of the letters are some of the features of early sans serif typefaces that inspired us..." (hey plus it's open source!)

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