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From Python to Numpy

presents "a different approach concentrating on the migration from Python to Numpy through vectorization..." with "a lot of techniques that you don't find in books and such techniques are mostly learned through experience"

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"a Python compiler that aims to provide optimized machine code by compiling type-annotated Python code. It offers several backends, including LLVM, C, C++, and WASM, which allow it to generate code into multiple target languages simultaneously."

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Layout Parser

could be fun to play with. "With the help of state-of-the-art deep learning models, Layout Parser enables extracting complicated document structures using only several lines of code. This method is also more robust and generalizable as no sophisticated rules are involved in this process."

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Neuraxio/Neuraxle: Build neat pipelines with the right abstractions to do AutoML. Let your pipeline steps have hyperparameter spaces. Enable checkpoints to cut duplicate calculations. Go from research to production environment easily.

"a Machine Learning (ML) library for building neat pipelines, providing the right abstractions to both ease research, development, and deployment of your ML applications. [...] [T]he optimizer is a model itself that maps features of datasets and features of the hyperparameter space to a guessed performance score to predict the best hyperparameters."

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