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How Q Became Everything – Mother Jones

"... debates over gender binaries are also material claims... not just cultural ones. [...] “They’re not shitting you when they say the world would come to an end, because their world would come to an end,” Moreton said."

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Everest Pipkin on the Utopian Potential of Gardens

"My interest in 'data as medium' is partly motivated by the horror of that, the misery of the being watched, being gathered, with no real opportunity to revoke consent. And also, in truth, by the closeness of that — the touching of me against the whole world." [...] "I want queerness not as a condition under which we are labeled and are made to suffer, or even as a condition under which we are labeled and find individual joy, but as one (of many) gifts for the world."

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Generative AI Takes Stereotypes and Bias From Bad to Worse

"In the US, women are underrepresented in high-paying occupations, but data shows that gender representation across most industries has improved significantly over time. Stable Diffusion depicts a different scenario, where hardly any women have lucrative jobs or occupy positions of power. Women made up a tiny fraction of the images generated for the keyword “judge” — about 3% — when in reality 34% of US judges are women, according to the National Association of Women Judges and the Federal Judicial Center. In the Stable Diffusion results, women were not only underrepresented in high-paying occupations, they were also overrepresented in low-paying ones."

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Understanding the Anti-Trans Parent Movement | by Julia Serano | May, 2023 | Medium

'If you understand the two tendencies that I just described — outsiders’ propensity to identify with cis parents rather than their trans children, coupled with parents’ tendency to disbelieve that their children are “really trans” (at least initially, and in some cases permanently) — then it becomes obvious how easy it is for journalists and media producers to manipulate audiences’ opinions of trans youth and gender-affirming healthcare with a few well-placed quotes from reluctant or skeptical parents.'

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Pronouns as Linguistic Care Work | Linguistic Society of America

'None of this is predicated on “trying not to misgender someone” or even “trying not to mess up pronouns accidentally and get yelled at.” Linguistic care work, like any care work truly based in principles of a loving community, cannot run on shame-based fuel. Avoiding shame and harm are only the barest, most basic bar to clear—they do not constitute showing affection. Failing to abuse someone isn’t the same as loving them.'

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We Have Entered the “Anti-Gender” Endgame

"Griswold also formed the basis of Obergefell v. Hodges (the right to marry someone of the same gender) and Lawrence v. Texas (the right to have queer sex, ever, at all, without being criminalized). If there is no “right to privacy” and no sovereign right to control one’s healthcare decisions, then bans on HRT and gender-affirming surgery for adults are within the realm of realistic possibility..."

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Is a Cervix Cis?: My Year in the Stirrups - Aster(ix) Journal

"nothing is denied the girl in that video by recognizing that the hatred of girls and women on display therein attacks trans girls and women with equal vigor. That experience is activated when you are sexed or sexualized against your will, when having health care that focuses on your genitals or have such healthcare withheld"

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Wages for Transition. They say it is gender. We say it is… | by Harry Josephine Giles | Medium

"Liberal capitalism would cast our transitions as products we buy as individual consumers, or as treatments we receive as individual patients, but in fact a transition under capitalism is a commodity we labour with others to produce, a process from which surplus value is extracted to accumulate capital for bosses and in which everyone else is paid but us." 🔥

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Dissociation as Trans Method II - by Jules Gill-Peterson - Sad Brown Girl

"What I feel most grateful to myself for in that home video is breaking me of that binary. If seven-year-old Jules was more like me today than not, then there was no opposite of dissociation to call on. There was nothing, or no one, to reintegrate. She was already there, which I suppose is how dissociation actually works, but not always how it feels when the child appears in the depths of our flesh as real, but our culture tells us she is a figment of retrospection."

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RO(h no, she better don’t!)GD - Sad Brown Girl

on data and dysphoria: "The data fetishist is no doubt riled up at this point, eager to move the goalposts again. But I have left the field, there is no game left here. Every time you melodramatically invoke your concern, or interest in studies and numbers, I see your admission that you are in want of a justification for your aggression, for your eugenics, and for your authoritarianism."

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🌷🤡💋🌷🤡💋Prof. Grace Lavery💋🤡🌷💋🤡🌷 on Twitter: "Trans narratology teaches us that neither a singular narrative of becoming, nor the laying out of life as a causal sequence, will do justice to the complexity of trans identif

"Trans narratology teaches us that neither a singular narrative of becoming, nor the laying out of life as a causal sequence, will do justice to the complexity of trans identification. Trans lives slip and slide, forward and backward in time."

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Never Be New Again - Valley of the D

'Slowly, slowly we reconnect the threads that connect me typing at my laptop in 2021 CE London backwards in time... to the dawn of the written word in the fertile crescent, when the gala priestesses of Inanna, who spoke only in the women’s tongue, sang in praise of her, “To turn a man into a woman and a woman into a man are yours, Inana” nearly four thousand years ago.'

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Gendered Characterizations

"graphs the usage of words (whether in description or dialogue) over time, distinguishing that usage both by the gender of the fictional characters the terms are associated with, and by the gender of the authors who used them"

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On Wrong Love: A Response to the Geoffrey H. Nicholson Controversy

"...however vulnerable the situation of transphobia makes us to the pain of wrong love, however vulnerable trans people are to abuse from cisgender partners, wrong love is not a trans problem. It is not a chaser problem. It is a problem everyone has; it is the problem that systems of meaning-making as diverse as heterosexual marriage, political lesbianism, and T4T sexuality all attempt to safeguard against."

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Home | Transfeminine Science

"Transfeminine Science contains articles by different writers on the subject of transfeminine hormone therapy. Our authors and their information are listed on the Authors page. Transfeminine Science is written by transgender people, for transgender people—and for their medical providers."

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