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How Creative Writing Programs De-Politicized Fiction ❧ Current Affairs

"I started putting a dividing line between literary novels written before and after World War II. It seemed like the books from the before times were good at doing lots of things. They could world build and philosophize. They could be love story, adventure novel, and satire all in one. Books written after the war, however, could only do one thing at a time. Mostly that one thing was soul-searching or introspection. Serious postwar fiction, whether it was what I was being fed in school or read in the pages of The New Yorker, was about sad white people with relationship problems."

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Strange Horizons - Deep Wheel Orcadia by Harry Josephine Giles By Cat Fitzpatrick

incredibly insightful review. "Their exact words, not just their paraphraseable meaning but their precise choices of phrasing, become full of comprehensible information about character, and this gives the characters themselves an unusual reality and presence. As in all good poetry, it is the language itself, and not just the plot and worldbuilding, that makes us care."

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Goodnight Nobody | oh hey, hi

"Goodnight Moon is an esoteric text whose colorful pages promise dangerous knowledge to those who know how to look" tongue in cheek but I think there's something to this

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Gendered Characterizations

"graphs the usage of words (whether in description or dialogue) over time, distinguishing that usage both by the gender of the fictional characters the terms are associated with, and by the gender of the authors who used them"

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Julian "fake-deep deepfake" Jarboe on Twitter: "@BigEchoSF I also came here to say @_vajra lol. But also @METROPOLARITY -- if you haven't read their (collective) works you're missing out on some of the best experimental and very very radical SFF." / Twitt

"Short form SF published over the last ten years that aggressively challenged form/language/expectation? Avant-garde-ish, wildly exuberant, austere to the point of impoverishment. Whatever crazy shit somehow slipped past the gatekeepers and caught you by surprise. Suggestions?"

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