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The Deaths of Effective Altruism | WIRED

"What EA pushes is expected value as a life hack for morality. Want to make the world better? GiveWell has done the calculations on how to rescue poor humans. A few clicks and you’re done: Move fast and save people."

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Why longtermism is the world’s most dangerous secular credo | Aeon Essays

"That is what our ‘vast and glorious’ potential consists of: massive numbers of technologically enhanced digital posthumans inside huge computer simulations spread throughout our future light cone. It is for this goal that, in Häggström’s scenario, a longtermist politician would annihilate Germany. It is for this goal that we must not ‘fritter … away’ our resources on such things as solving global poverty." ugh

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Game of Objects

"We are aware that we are not experiencing the world "directly", but this does not change our feeling that we are experiencing the world."

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