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AIAAIC - AIAAIC Repository

"The independent, open, public interest resource detailing incidents and controversies driven by and relating to AI, algorithms, and automation"

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Understanding the Anti-Trans Parent Movement | by Julia Serano | May, 2023 | Medium

'If you understand the two tendencies that I just described — outsiders’ propensity to identify with cis parents rather than their trans children, coupled with parents’ tendency to disbelieve that their children are “really trans” (at least initially, and in some cases permanently) — then it becomes obvious how easy it is for journalists and media producers to manipulate audiences’ opinions of trans youth and gender-affirming healthcare with a few well-placed quotes from reluctant or skeptical parents.'

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Has The American Left Lost Its Mind? ❧ Current Affairs

"I don’t understand why Taibbi cites these incidents as part of his case that the Left has turned into a bunch of “Twitter Robespierres.” The accusation here is that bosses were racist and that people of color were treated differently and paid less. How is that not a legitimate complaint? I can only conclude that Taibbi either thinks people need to shut up about racism in the workplace and that going public on social media about it makes them a bunch of snowflakes, or that he simply hasn’t thought his argument through."

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How you’re feeling when machine learning might help - Quartz AI Studio

"We’ll never be able to read all of these documents. What’s unique about this text compared to all the rest? My eyes sting from searching these images for the same thing. We need to find more records like these in a huge pile of data. I could really use a heads-up before this happens again. (Post to come.)" I *reeeeeally* appreciate approaches to ml like this that start with problems to be solved (instead of just taking for granted that ai/ml is useful)

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