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Fast Crimes at Lambda School

"I think Austen could have found success starting an MLM back in Utah, a state run rampant with get-rich-quick schemes. His mistake was going after education in California, a state ready to deal with for-profit schools. He wasn't ready for the law."

education technology culture

On the Grid - by Michele Banks - Artologica

"So maybe writing about art is, as Krauss wrote of the grid, a way of covering the space between what we can know (the scientific) and what we can only feel (the spiritual). There’s probably no way to make these things join up seamlessly, so we place a lattice of words on top to cover the messy bits or the blank spots."

art aesthetics writing poetics

The Encyclopedia Project, or How to Know in the Age of AI - Public Books

"[W]hat is currently sold to us as “Artificial Intelligence”... is neither intelligent nor entirely artificial, yet it’s pumping the internet with automated content more quickly than you can fire an editorial office. No system predicated on these assumptions can hope to discern “misinformation” from “information”: both are reduced to equally weighted packets of content, merely seeking an optimization function in a free marketplace of ideas. And both are equally ingested into a great statistical machinery, which weighs only our inability to discern."

epistemology ai text language internet culture

How Q Became Everything – Mother Jones

"... debates over gender binaries are also material claims... not just cultural ones. [...] “They’re not shitting you when they say the world would come to an end, because their world would come to an end,” Moreton said."

politics gender culture

How to help someone use a computer

"Whenever they start to blame themselves, respond by blaming the computer. Then keep on blaming the computer, no matter how many times it takes, in a calm, authoritative tone of voice. If you need to show off, show off your ability to criticize bad design. When they get nailed by a false assumption about the computer's behavior, tell them their assumption was reasonable. Tell *yourself* that it was reasonable."

computers pedagogy

Another RPG Engine by Another RPG Enthusiast

"An engine for creating role-playing games using Twine's SugarCube language. Features a complex battle system that can be modified and integrated into your Twine stories."

games rpgs programming twine interactivefiction

What Liberal Arts Education Is For – Teaching –

"Much of what I know about problem-solving, creativity, how to handle frustration, how to be skeptical of my own hubris, how complex systems behave, how human relationships work, how to communicate, how to help, how to puzzle things out, how to be tenacious, how to be kind — I could go on — I learned from writing software. Programming helped prepare me to be a parent, a spouse, a musician, a teacher, a citizen, a human."

programming pedagogy academia

The Deaths of Effective Altruism | WIRED

"What EA pushes is expected value as a life hack for morality. Want to make the world better? GiveWell has done the calculations on how to rescue poor humans. A few clicks and you’re done: Move fast and save people."

politics philosophy philanthropy

Pankaj Mishra · The Shoah after Gaza

"Technology and the rational division of labour had enabled ordinary people to contribute to acts of mass extermination with a clear conscience, even with frissons of virtue, and preventive efforts against such impersonal and available modes of killing required more than vigilance against antisemitism."

politics history

Doing their hype for them • Buttondown

"The central claim of the tech companies selling LLMs is that any work that people do that results in text artifacts is just "text in-text out" and can therefore be replaced by their synthetic text-extruding machines. The best response to that claim is not "oh no, we can't keep up" but to take pride in one's work... and push back"

ai text poetics

Projekt Weberknecht

"Instead of the shafts of a conventional loom the Weberknecht-loom has a pattern device that is equipped with pattern discs. These discs have small raised rings on their surface, the warp lifters, which will lift up the warps threads when in working position. Otherwise the thread remains lowered on the larger centre ring." extremely cool idea, free 3d models and instructions, i wanna make one this summer

weaving fabrication

How to Escape From the Iron Age? | LOW←TECH MAGAZINE

"We need much more steel if we replace thermal power plants with renewable ones. Because there is not enough steel scrap available, we can only produce that extra steel from iron ore in blast furnaces burning fossil fuels. To address climate change, we need to build low-carbon sources quickly and in great numbers. However, to achieve circular material flows and build low-carbon power sources from scrap and renewable electricity, we would have to do the opposite: slow down the development of a low-carbon power grid."

materials climatechange

Jakob Nielsen’s Bad Ideas about Accessibility – Brian DeConinck

"In other words, some users get the full experience, the one with all the words, all the context, and all the options. But if Nielsen’s AI thinks you have a disability, you’ll get a different experience, a simpler experience that’s more appropriate for people like you. It’s an ugly kind of paternalism with a new AI twist."

accessibility ux interface ai

Poetix – Post Position

Nick Montfort's poetics: "Writing very small-scale computational poems allows me to learn more about computing and its intersection with language and poetry. Not computing in the abstract, but computing as embodied in particular platforms, which are intentionally designed and have platform imaginaries and communities of use and practice surrounding them."

poetics poetry text language computation

A Body That’s All Surface

"Participating in their strange bureaucracies is a major concession of our time that we could use for our animal purposes, to observe and make sense of the world, and to describe OUR visions. I propose that we stop playing along. I am imagining a type of degrowth, a disassembly of dominant structures, a refusal."



"an open source, open hardware, and open design SCSI solution for vintage computers"

retrocomputing mac

Always Do The Right Thing

"How do we expect others to do the right thing when we think doing the right thing is dangerous? It’s a question that people won’t ask, if they’ve found a violence that makes them feel safe. The questions that people ask when they’ve found a violence that makes them feel safe ask usually focuses exclusively on the behavior of the people who suffer under that violence."


Long Covid Research Library - Research-Aid Networks

"This online library contains many of the important papers that have been published on Long Covid. We’ve gone through most of them (as we do on a daily basis) and can say for sure that the collection of papers in here are of great value for getting a good understanding of Long Covid."

health medicine longcovid

No Vehicles In The Park

"You might think you can add enough epicycles to your rules to avoid this problem. For instance, you could list all of the different sorts of vehicles from this game in either the yes or the no column. I don't think this is true. I think you can reduce the problem, but I don't think you can eliminate it."

moderation socialsoftware culture games law

The Insurance Apocalypse Conversation America Won't Have

"The coastal homeowners and the private insurance companies and the reinsurance companies and the state governments are all looking at one another to rescue them, without acknowledging that they are all in the same sinking ship. The real solution is to deal with climate change, which will be a long global struggle. But even on a slightly more practical level than that, this is at minimum a federal government problem."

realestate climatechange politics

Why Would I Buy This Useless, Evil Thing? - Aftermath

"I would not trust a large language model to... plan an itinerary in a new city, because I’m not a boring or unimaginative person who lets a cheap piece of plastic tell me to do the ten most common results for 'stuff to do in London.' [...] This latest push for AI is making the world lazier, less curious, harder to navigate, ripping people off, and creating a topic somehow more tiring than that year these people wouldn’t shut the fuck up about NFTs and then never brought it up ever again when the market imploded."

ai design consumerelectronics

AI versus old-school creativity: a 50-student, semester-long showdown – Still Water Lab

"Even after the lessons, students seemed to feel more confident with a traditional approach than with AI. Most felt low-to-moderate confidence about achieving their writing goals with AI, and even less confidence about how to use AI ethically. We hope with future research to figure out whether this insecurity is due to inexperience or endemic to AI tool use."

ai teaching pedagogy

Large Language Publishing

"There are a hundred and one reasons to worry about Elsevier mining our scholarship to maximize its profits. I want to linger on what is, arguably, the most important: the potential effects on knowledge itself. At the core of these tools—including a predictable avalanche of as-yet-unannounced products—is a series of verbs: to surface, to rank, to summarize, and to recommend. The object of each verb is us—our scholarship and our behavior. What’s at stake is the kind of knowledge that the models surface, and whose knowledge."

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