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Strange Horizons - Deep Wheel Orcadia by Harry Josephine Giles By Cat Fitzpatrick

incredibly insightful review. "Their exact words, not just their paraphraseable meaning but their precise choices of phrasing, become full of comprehensible information about character, and this gives the characters themselves an unusual reality and presence. As in all good poetry, it is the language itself, and not just the plot and worldbuilding, that makes us care."

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Julian "fake-deep deepfake" Jarboe on Twitter: "@BigEchoSF I also came here to say @_vajra lol. But also @METROPOLARITY -- if you haven't read their (collective) works you're missing out on some of the best experimental and very very radical SFF." / Twitt

"Short form SF published over the last ten years that aggressively challenged form/language/expectation? Avant-garde-ish, wildly exuberant, austere to the point of impoverishment. Whatever crazy shit somehow slipped past the gatekeepers and caught you by surprise. Suggestions?"

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Analog Science Fiction Magazine

"a free, non-commercial project with the goal of preserving selected paper-based cultural artifacts for future generations of readers, in the form of cover images in JPG format, and, where available, complete cover-to-cover scans in PDF format"—in this case, a bunch of old Analog magazines

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The Quietus | Film | Film Features | The Talented Ms Ripley: 40 Years Of Alien's Complex Feminist Legacy

"Alien is not, as a whole, a feminist work. Yet Ripley’s force as a character blasts through the sexual subtexts, and far outlasts them; you don’t remember her as threatened, but as triumphing. One of the most rewarding things about science-fiction for feminists is the way it allows us to imagine different possibilities, other futures. Alien’s neo-colonial world is no utopia, but even its nightmare offered a glimpse of a new freedom..."

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