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Electric Vehicles Won’t Save Us. Why EV’s are false prophets in the… | by Coby Lefkowitz | Jun, 2021 | Marker

"Cars, however they’re powered, are environmentally cataclysmic, break the tethers of community, and force an infrastructure of dependency that is as financially ruinous to our country as it is dangerous to us as people. In order to build a more sustainable future and a better world for humanity, we need to address the root problems that have brought us to where we so perilously lie today."

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It's Time To Let Go Of Commuter Culture

such a great summary of how we got here and what's at stake, including a link between interstate highways and redlining; "commuter culture" being yet another example of how conservative americans have been tricked into thinking that "freedom" is the same thing as "maintaining the wealth of fossil fuel corporations"; breaking "car culture" is "not about making people who love cars to stop loving them. It’s about allowing those who don’t to stop needing one."

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Car Crashes Aren't Always Unavoidable - The Atlantic

"Instead of merely accommodating some people’s desire to drive, our laws essentially force driving on all of us—by subsidizing it, by punishing people who don’t do it, by building a physical landscape that requires it, and by insulating reckless drivers from the consequences of their actions."

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Cars Are Weird | Current Affairs

"Cars are the freedom to be lonely and stuck in traffic. Trains are the freedom from having to maintain your own personal transportation container. I think the libertarian is right: If you want to get a taste of the future capitalism promises you, sit in a car for five hours and don’t move."

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