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Everest Pipkin on the Utopian Potential of Gardens

"My interest in 'data as medium' is partly motivated by the horror of that, the misery of the being watched, being gathered, with no real opportunity to revoke consent. And also, in truth, by the closeness of that — the touching of me against the whole world." [...] "I want queerness not as a condition under which we are labeled and are made to suffer, or even as a condition under which we are labeled and find individual joy, but as one (of many) gifts for the world."

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Priya22/project-dialogism-novel-corpus: The official repository for the The Project Dialogism Novel Corpus, a dataset of annotated quotations in full-length English novels.

(via data is plural): "every quotation from 22 novels, plus who speaks each line, who they’re addressing, the characters they mention, and more. With 35,000+ quotations, the corpus 'is by an order of magnitude the largest dataset of annotated quotations for literary texts in English.'"

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Counting the Countless — Real Life

" ethics of care says that we should be working for a radical data science: a data science that is not controlling, eliminationist, assimilatory. A data science premised on enabling autonomous control of data, on enabling plural ways of being. A data science that preserves context and does not punish those who do not participate in the system."

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